Drone Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques | DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial

Drone Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques | DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial

If you’ve watched my videos before, you’ll know that I love taking landscape images with any camera like my DSLR, mirrorless camera or even my iPhone. But there’s another camera I use for landscape photography that gives me a perspective I can’t easily get with any of my other cameras and that’s my Mavic Pro.

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Drones are getting cheaper and more accessible. While I initially bought the Mavic Pro to improve the content I create for this channel, I soon realised the power DJI built into this small package for capturing stills. But in this video, I’m going to take you through how I capture landscape photos using my Mavic Pro.

So out of all the drones available when I bought this, I went with the Mavic Pro, because I think that’s the sweet spot between image quality and portability. As I mentioned before, one of the advantages the drone has over any other camera I have in my hand is I can get this up in the air easily for that unique perspective. This opens up another dimension for telling a story, new angles on a landscape and different compositions.

Speaking of composition, I also have a lot more freedom when positioning the drone and composing my image. I’m not restricted by cliffs, hills or a lack of access because there are no paths.

Before we get going, let’s quickly check the settings to make sure we have the best image quality. I have the image size set to 4:3 for the greatest resolution possible using all of that sensor – this gives me the option to crop a little later if I need to. I always shoot in Manual mode. ISO should be 100 for maximum image quality. I also like to shoot in RAW and DJI provides us with that option under Image Format.

With those settings, we’re are now ready to fly and capture some landscape images!

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