Double Act (2002)

Double Act (2002)

Ruby and Garnet are identical twins, ten years old and inseparable. Since mother’s death they live with father and grandmother in the big city. When one day attractive Rose steps into father’s life, Ruby and Garnet’s whole life is turned upside down. They must leave their beloved granny and move to the countryside with father and that much hated “new one” because father wants to fulfill his most ardent dream to open a bookstore. The girls consider this to be quite terrible and try everything to be thrown out of the new school. But then everything goes quite different: Ruby discovers that identical twin girls are being looked for to star in a TV series. Suddenly, they notice that they are not as similar at all as they thought, and that each one must find her own way.

Directed by
Cilla Ware
Jacqueline Wilson

Paul Warriner – Richard
Rachael Dowling – Rose
Chloe Tempest Jones – Garnet
Zoe Tempest-Jones – Ruby Barker
Ann Beach – Gran
Bruce Montague – Albert
Jacqueline Wilson – Casting director
Charlotte Coleman – Miss Debenham
Charles Pette – Bob
Joyce Gibbs – Posh woman
Andrew Bannerman – Vicar
Freda Barratt – Old woman
Ian Brooker – Antique dealer
Alexander John – Taxi driver
Ashwin Bolar – Video man
Cassie Butt – Katie Summers
Lucy Butt – Ann Summers

Produced by
Yvonne Davies – producer
Julian Meers – line producer
Music by Nick Harvey
Cinematography by Gary Hawkey
Film Editing by Jenny Egner


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