DIY: Make Your Own Basic Lighting Kit at Home

DIY: Make Your Own Basic Lighting Kit at Home

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If you’ve seen our basic 3-point lighting how-to video ( you should have a general understanding of lighting techniques for your own filmmaking — but what if you’re working with an independent budget? In this DIY tutorial, Full Sail University Lighting Course Director Luke Leonard shows how to build a lighting kit from items you can find at your local hardware store for less than $100 — and how to use those tools to light your subject.

Here’s a list of items that you’ll need to do this at home:

[4] incandescent clamp lights
[4] 150W Tungsten bulbs
[17] 1/2″ X 2″ PVC pipe
[4] 1/2″ PVC EL 90 fittings
[9] 3/4″ PVC running traps
[4] 3/4″ X 1/2″ PVC side outlets
[3] 1/2″ PVC male adapter
[2] 1/2″ PVC riser extender
[1] 1/2″ PVC tee
[9] 1/2″ PVC couplings

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