Davinci Resolve Color Grading Basics | How I Edit Part 3 of 6

Davinci Resolve Color Grading Basics | How I Edit Part 3 of 6

Color Graded Using My 2018 LUTs Pack:

Many of you know that I switched from Premiere Pro CC 2019 to Davinci Resolve 15 about a month ago. Some of you have reached out with some questions about Davinci Resolve, like how to export videos from Resolve 15, and other questions about how I edit in the free video editing software.

This Davinci Resolve 15 tutorial is part 3 of a 6-part series, where I’ll show you exactly how I edit in Davinci Resolve Free. Hopefully it will also shine a little light on why I love this free video editing software so much. This week, we’re going to discuss Davinci Resolve color grading basics

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