CONTAX ZEISS at SUPER SPEED: A Filmmakers guide to vintage budget cine lenses MDEpicEpisodeS1E11

CONTAX ZEISS at SUPER SPEED: A Filmmakers guide to vintage budget cine lenses  MDEpicEpisodeS1E11

Did you know that the CONTAX Zeiss lenses use the same glass, coating and general designlike the legendary cine lenses used on films like “The Shining”, Full Metal Jacket”, “Lost in Translation”? The ideal lenses for low budget filmmakers with a lust for the vintage look… and they are ready for an LF future, too!

We pitch CONTAX Zeiss lenses against an original Zeiss SUPER SPEED and test them on MFT, Super35, and Full Frame
We built a extended set, and we help you to Cinemod the lenses including, gears, declicking, greasing and mount exchange
We also give you practical tips for production and show you must have gadgets to go with your set. We test the Tilta Nucleus-N wireless focus and the Accsoon CineEye wireless HDMI transmitter
……… and we drive Jack insane!

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Here links to all lenses, adapters and gear described or used in this video. Some links are affiliate links (its not more expensive for you, but we get a little something if you use these links… thank you for your support)

Remote GEAR

Remote Focus: Tilta Nucleus-N

Remote Viewing: Accsoon CineEye


Super Speeds

Contax Zeiss 35mm f1.4

Contax Zeiss 50mm f1.4

Contax Zeiss 85mm f1.4

Normal Speeds

Contax Zeiss 28mm f2 “Hollywood”

Contax Zeiss 135mm f2

Special Lenses

Contax Zeiss 15mm f3.4

Contax Zeiss 35–70mm f3.5 Macro


EF (Fotodiox)

E (Fotodiox)

Fuji X


Leitax EF mount

Leitax for E mount

Shimming guide


Lens Gearings

Custom Lens Caps

Rear Lens caps

77mm Step up rings

Light Grease

Heavy Grease

Lens Cleaning Kit

Metal File

Electric Tool



Chauvet Dj Hurricane Haze 1Dx

Keylight Projector/Gear/:
Soonwell FB-21 Flexible LED

Filllight Projector/Gear/Talkie:
Soonwell FB-11 Flexible LED

Keylight Talkie:
Apurture 300D

Neewer foldable 5 in 1 reflector/diffusion


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CONTAX Zeiss Compendium

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