Cinematography Solutions: Lighting Day Exteriors Execution Teaser

Cinematography Solutions: Lighting Day Exteriors Execution Teaser

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This bundle includes 11 articles and over 1 hour of video content:

Lighting Theory

Lighting Theory 203 – The Natural Look of Crazy/Beautiful

Lighting Theory 204 – Extending Dawn in Drumline

Lighting Theory 205 – Sunset for Hours on Into the Blue (includes two film clips)
Necessary Tools for Day Exteriors

Lighting Techniques 202 – How to Light Day Exteriors (includes eight film clips)
Pre-Production Scouting Day Exteriors

Lighting Techniques 401 – Finding Locations for Day Exteriors and Interiors That Light Themselves (Total run time 4:40)

Lighting Techniques 402 – Lighting Day Exteriors: The Location Scout (Total run time 7:00)
Essentials of Lighting Day Exteriors

Lighting Techniques 501 – Lighting Day Exteriors: Shooting Your Wide Shots and Walk and Talks When the Sun Is Low (Total run time 6:17)

Lighting Techniques 502 – Lighting Day Exteriors: Shaping Natural Daylight Through the Use of Negative Fill (Total run time 8:45)

Lighting Techniques 503 – Lighting Day Exteriors: When the Sun Is Too High in the Sky, How You Shape and Use Natural Light to Change the Direction of the Sun on a Close Up (Total run time 7:52)

Lighting Techniques 504 – Lighting Day Exteriors: When the Sunlight Is Too High, How You Shape and Light a Close Up with Artificial Light (Total run time 10:17)

Lighting Techniques 505 – Day Exteriors: How to Balance Sun and Shade with Natural Light for Interviews (Total run time 7:33)


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