Christian Bale Shares His Thoughts On Joaquin’s Joker

Christian Bale Shares His Thoughts On Joaquin’s Joker

The Dark Knight has spoken, and he apparently can’t wait to get a look at the latest incarnation of his most iconic foe.

At this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, both Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Christian Bale’s upcoming car racing biopic Ford v Ferrari were screened. Bale’s latest film premiered mere hours before Joker was shown at TIFF 2019, and Entertainment Tonight took the chance to get the former Batman actor’s take on Phoenix’s Joker when he walked the red carpet.

Like most of the world, Bale himself hadn’t yet seen Phoenix’s work in Joker. He did, however, take the opportunity to throw some love in Phoenix’s general direction, and note he finds it admirable that Phoenix is following in the footsteps of the late Heath Ledger.

“Joaquin is one of the best actors around, you know, and obviously I worked with Heath, and, you know, it’s a brave thing to follow up that performance.”

Bale went on to say he thinks Phoenix “always makes interesting choices” and he wished the filmmakers the best with it.

The world is also “dying to see” what maniacal delights Phoenix and director Todd Phillips have conjured with their standalone Joker flick. According to most critics who caught the film at TIFF, Phoenix and Phillips have redefined the character for a new generation of Bat-fans, delivering a gritty, wickedly insightful version of the Joker the world didn’t know it needed. Many also agree that Joker could change audiences’ perception of what comic book movies can be when it hits theaters this October.

As for Bale’s kind words for Phoenix, they’re certainly high praise from an actor of his stature. Given Bale’s past experience with the Clown Prince of Crime, that praise is perhaps the most meaningful kind Phoenix can receive for playing the Joker. Ledger’s work with Bale in The Dark Knight as the bullet-, gasoline-, and anarchy-loving Joker truly is the stuff of legend; the brave actor pushed the character beyond the frames of any comic book, film, or television version of the Joker we’d seen before. Keep watching the video to see that Christian Bale shares his thoughts on Joaquin’s Joker!

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