”CHOWKABARA” STATE || ISFFB || SIIMA || Award winning ”KANNADA” Best Short Film

”CHOWKABARA”  STATE || ISFFB || SIIMA ||  Award winning ”KANNADA” Best Short Film

Written & Directed by: Raghu Shivamogga
Producer: Sathish Neenasam
Music Director: Ashley Mendonca
Cinematographer: Advaitha Gurumurthy
Editor: Prakash Karinja
Sync Sound: Sathyamurthy

Achyuth Kumar
Sharath Lohitashwa
Manjunath Hegde
Ashwini Gowda
Kiran Naik
Nandini Patawardhan

Chowka Baara is a short fiction film.
This film is about the journey of people who have become victims of situations.
The protagonist of the film trapped in financial problems turns a blind eye towards all other issues of life. His life takes a major turn when he receives a call from an unknown number and the protagonist decides to neglect it. Though the calls start irritating him and at last affect his personal life, still he refuses to see it clearly.
His negligence in handling issues of life results in his downfall. He becomes the victim of situation and gets punished for the mistakes he never did intentionally.
Another major issue dealt in the film is – trust. People have stopped believing each other so much that even an expert psychologist gets trapped in the net of suspicion, ruining his life. Overall the film talks about the situations one has is forced to face when issues he considers trivial are nor dealt with properly. Sometimes the curiosity in other’s lives and over confidence can prove fatal, just like the protagonist of the film who had to pay a heavy price for not thinking before speaking.

Chowkabara is the first short film in Karnataka to be released in theatre. It is also the first short film to win the prestigious “Best Short Film” state award, “Best Cinematographer” ISFFB Award and “Best Short Film” SIIMA Award. And it has been screened at 52 places throughout Karnataka.