Best DSLR Video Menu Settings for FILMMAKING

Best DSLR Video Menu Settings for FILMMAKING

This is how to setup your DSLR camera for video. Learn how to get the best DSLR Video Settings for Filmmaking. In this video we set up the Menu Settings for the best video quality and video production.

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Overview and Key Points:

Install Cinestyle or other flat picture styles for color grading.
Adjust the neutral profile to 0 sharpness 0 contrast and 2 saturation for regular video.
Rule of Thirds Overlay.
Shoot at 1920×1080 at either 30fps for video or 24fps for cinematography
1280×720 at 60fps for slow motion.
If you have 25fps and 50fps you are in the PAL mode check your country if you use the PAL or NTSC mode.
Set the Meter Timer to 30 minutes this allows you to see if your under or overexposed.
LCD Brightness should be set to the brightest setting to comeback brightness outdoors.

Music: Wings by Nicolai Heidlas

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