Basic Video Lighting: Using Flags and Nets to Cut Light

Basic Video Lighting: Using Flags and Nets to Cut Light

There are two parts to basic video lighting: lights and shadows. Lighting and light units usually get all the attention but what about the grip’s art of cutting and netting light? Let’s look out how we can use flags and nets to adjust the contrast in our shots on the sets and our actors. We also make a window pattern and make our own cucoloris.

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Equipment Used
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Mole Richardson 1k Baby Tungsten Fresnel Light

American Grip Beefy Baby Light stand

American Grip Cucoloris

American Flags and Nets

๐ŸŽญ Actors
James Aaron Oh

After Effects
Gali Segal

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By Vancouver Film School – Flickr: VFS Summer Intensive Programs 2011, CC BY 2.0,

Dolly Shot of crew filming The Alamo by Sean Devine

Crew using a homemade Cucoloris for a scene of National Treasure (2004) photo by Sean Devine