Awkward Magic Mike 2 Striptease Opening at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Awkward Magic Mike 2 Striptease Opening at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

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Michael Strahan took the stage tonight to host the Critics Choice Movie Awards and while we were hoping for an EPIC opening monologue to kick off the show… let’s just say things were a bit … uncomfortable.
Hey guys, welcome back to Clevver’s Trophy Life, now typically when one thinks of the CCMA’s, you think of a classy buttoned up event — which made Strahan’s excessive mention of Magic Mike 2, a little awkward to say the least. I mean hey, there’s no problem with incorporating yourself into your routine but well, the Critics Choice Movie Awards just didn’t really seem like the time or place for um… well… this:

So after this …um… tasteful… group strip routine… Michael’s overall monologue fell pretty flat and then he decided to finish it off by making a completely random segway that in some really weird way prompted … this to happen:

So — all in all, we’re not quite sure award show hosting is really Strahan’s forte, and IF the lack of the audience’s reaction wasn’t enough to let him know, Michael Keaton’s callout during the first acceptance speech of the night probably was.

Yes Michael, we couldn’t agree more. So what did you guys think of Strahan’s opening? Or just his hosting in general? Sound off in the comment section below and then click right over here to see a full recap of all the big winners from tonight’s show. I’m Ryland Adams for Clevver’s Trophy Life, thanks for tuning in!

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