Art of the Whip Pan Shot: Motivating Your Swish Pan Effects & Transitions #whippan #swishpan

Art of the Whip Pan Shot: Motivating Your Swish Pan Effects & Transitions #whippan #swishpan

The Whip Pan Effect ►►

A whip pan, swish pan, or whip shot happens when you very quickly rotate your camera on the x-axis, and this results in both a blurring effect and a neutral shot.

In this video, we give you the whip pan definition, show you tons of whip pan transitions, and whip pan examples from popular films and television shows including Whiplash, Sherlock Holmes, La La Land, Boogie Nights, Lord of The Rings, Kill Bill, and a number of other films that used the whip pan well.

Whip pans are used for:



Cause and Effect

Whip pans can be used to simply generate some energy into your scenes, used for scene transitions, or to show cause and effect within a scene. It doesn’t matter if you use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or any NLE – you can build whip pans.

You can use a whip pan for your action sequences, especially to simulate the motion of a flying object. Combine this with some clever make-up and a whip pan sound effect, and you can build a great moment in your fight scenes.

Whip pans seem like a tiny little speck on the filmmaking toolbelt, but they are super effective and one of the earliest techniques that a good filmmaker will want to learn.

You can simulate whip pans in after effects like many video influencers.

After you watch this video, you will have a better idea on how to go about planning, filming, and using whip pans in your next movie, show, or project.

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