Aputure Spotlight Mount – A Leko or Spotlight for Bowens Mount Video Lights

Aputure Spotlight Mount – A Leko or Spotlight for Bowens Mount Video Lights

Aputure’s COB series of LED lights for video production have been the core of my lighting kit for over 3 years now. The reason I like these lights so much is that you can do so many different things with them. They work great as a flood light, with the Light Dome II they’re create a beautiful key light for interviews or talking head shots. There’s the new Lantern which allows you to light an entire room in a natural sort of way and control where light spills with its included skirt. There are also the hard light modifiers like the Fresnel 2X which allows you to focus a circle of light into an intense beam and there are the barn doors allowing you to cut the light with hard edges. Today, Aputure released the new Spotlight Mount which is a spotlight with 3 different lenses allowing super intense beams of spotlights, a gobo holder which allows you to cast patterns or logos on your subject or on a surface behind them. And it also has a gel holder allowing you to add gels to stylize the light with cool effects.

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