Apple iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4K Video Test

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4K Video Test

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 4K 24p Cinematic Video Test
This is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro 4K Video Test, I have been an apple user for so many years now. And I always like to shoot with my iPhone when I travel. But mostly just the B-Rolls. It is because when I travel I do vlog a lot. And I always need to shoot wide. But as we all know, all previous iPhones were able only 28mm focal length. Its a bit too tight for vlogging. So what got me super excited about this iPhone 11 Pro. It has 3 new lenses. And one is the Ultra wide angle lens. Its 13mm. I can easily vlog with my iPhone now.

So my last iPhone was the iPhone X. I gotta say, the video has been improved for quite a bit. Especially the Dynamic range. I know Apple did a lot of work in software to bring the highlights down and increase the shadows. Sometimes, the image looks way better than what my eye can see. I mean, its a bit unreal in some shots.

During the test, I couldn’t use the Filmic Pro app as it was still running the old firmware. So I wasn’t be able use the ultra wide angle lens. So I had to review the whole video with the Apple Camera app. In the future, If I have time might do another video. With proper shutter speed too.

Overall, its an amazing phone. I like the image out of it. 13mm lens was awesome. Since the lens is super wide. I can even use the phone to replace my action cam. Ofcoz, Action cam would have been quality. But at the end, the best camera is the one that with you. I know I’m not gonna have my action cam with me all the time. But the phone, I do.

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DSI Pictures Entertainment 2019
Filmed and edited by Steve Chan


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