Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Caught on Film Making This Racist Attack on White People

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Caught on Film Making This Racist Attack on White People

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Caught on Film Making This Racist Attack on White People

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps digging an even deeper hole.
The freshmen Congresswoman turned herself into the biggest name in the Democrat Party because of her radical ideas and expert use of social media.
But that just got her in huge trouble because Ocasio-Cortez was caught on film making this racist attack on white people.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is feeling the heat.
Ever since she announced the 93 trillion dollar “Green New Deal,” Republicans have turned her into a political punching bag.
President Trump routinely ridicules the socialist scheme that would ban airplane travel, fossil fuel powered cars, and restrict Americans access to red meat.
Democrats began to feel hot around the collar as the political pressure ramped up, and no Senate Democrat – including the six who endorsed the “Green New Deal” – would vote for the plan when Republicans put it up for a vote.
Ocasio-Cortez sensed the momentum slipping away from her.
And in her desperation, she made a massive mistake.
When in trouble, individuals usually circle back to a reliable support system that’s provided success in the past.
For Ocasio-Cortez, that is social media.
So Ocasio-Cortez live streamed a video where she offered up a defense of her socialist “Green New Deal” scheme.
The freshmen Democrat sought to reverse her becoming a national joke when she claimed the planet only had 12 years left unless the federal government passed her socialist scheme.
Ocasio-Cortez began her rant by stressing the urgency of combating so-called “climate change.”
But when she addressed her critics, that’s when she went off the deep end.
Ocasio-Cortez compared those who oppose her 93 trillion dollar socialist crown jewel to white Americans who had supported segregation and harassed civil rights protesters.
You look back and you open history books on the civil rights movement, and you see those folks who are protesting against the ability for African-Americans and black Americans to have the right to vote, and they would hold up these bigoted signs, and they would hold up signs that said things like ‘what about white rights?’ and all of this stuff, in the 1950s, 1960s,” Ocasio-Cortez sneered.
Smearing her opponents as racist white supremacists is nothing new for Ocasio-Cortez.
During a recent MSNBC appearance, she claimed that the central principles of the Tea Party movement were xenophobia and white supremacy.
But Ocasio-Cortez was just getting warmed up in her video.
She threatened her opponents with permanent shame unless they dropped their opposition to her Soviet-style “Green New Deal.”
“So just know that while a lot of people can hide that their grandparents did that in the civil rights movement, you should also know that the internet documents everything. And your grandchildren will not be able to hide the fact that you fought against acknowledging and taking bold action against climate change,” Ocasio-Cortez threatened.
On Instagram live, AOC just compared climate change and the world ending in 12 years to the civil rights movement and people protesting against African-Americans… Americans were appalled by her casual racism.
She assumed that anyone who opposes her schemes only do so because of the racist hate in their hearts.
Painting individuals with a broad brush based on skin color alone is the dictionary definition of racism.
And it is an ugly smear Ocasio-Cortez regularly traffics in.


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