A Look at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1976—The Hidden World | From the Vaults

A Look at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1976—The Hidden World | From the Vaults

This impressionistic visual diary is a quirky love letter to the Museum featuring long-time employee and artist Ray Cusie. Cusie began his career at The Met as a security guard but later worked in exhibition design and finally as keeper of audiovisual equipment. The film follows Cusie on a dynamic tour of the building, from the roof to the conservation studios, and on beautiful, meditative strolls through the galleries. He retired from the Museum in 1990, and continues to make art. The directors, Nikki Silva and Dan Nadaner, were Rockefeller Foundation Fellows in Museum Education from 1975–1976.

Nikki Silva is a radio producer and one half of the Peabody Award–winning team behind The Kitchen Sisters. In collaboration with Davia Nelson, she produces stories for NPR and their podcast, The Kitchen Sisters Present. They are currently working on a series called The Keepers, which features stories of activist archivists, rogue librarians, curators, collectors, and historians—keepers of culture and the free flow of information.

Dan Nadaner is a painter, video artist, and educator. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Japan, China, Argentina, and France, and he was once artist-in-residence in Yosemite. Since 1988, he has been a professor of art at California State University, Fresno.

As part of The Met’s 150th anniversary in 2020, each month we will release three to four films from the Museum’s extensive moving-image archive, which comprises over 1,500 films, both made and collected by the Museum, from the 1920s onward. This includes rarely seen artist profiles and documentaries, as well as process films about art-making techniques and behind-the-scenes footage of the Museum.

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