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They both know a powerful signature Pokémon movethat no other Pokémon that is known to this day is capable of using, not a single one; however, there is one exception. In the English Pokédex, Zacian is the female of the two, and is the elder sister of Zamazenta, to fight and protect her younger brother with her sword. Of course, this makes Zamazenta the younger brother, given the role of guardian to defend his elder sister from danger with his shield.

Many players have stated that they look less like fingers, and more like… something else. Whoever thought ‘muscle-y old man with a beard, clown nose, bump on his head and large rocks in his hands that are also a part of him’ was a good idea for a Pokémon must have been making a poor judgment at the time. Also, if we are going by the name alone, ‘Conkeldurr’ is the ugliest. Generation two has some of the cutest Pokémon of all time, but also some of the ugliest.

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Game Freak’s latest Pokémon game,Pokémon Sword and Shield, is based on Great Britain. The amount of detail they have put into the game, regarding information on myth and lore, is outstanding. Credit to Game Freak, they have done their research when it comes to where the next region of Pokémon is going to be. Remember when we said that the game would’ve been better off if Nosepass never existed? This thing is the least creative, ugliest, poorly drawn creature in the whole franchise.

We are sorry you even had to look at it for the sake of reading this article. This thing isn’t even in the game yet, and honestly, it shouldn’t be. It looks like someone was going to draw a four-legged creature and gave up halfway through, and the bulb on its head is just way too big, Calyrex just needs a major redesign.

Make it a deer, make the bulb smaller, and take it off the list. This is another design that feels wrong to put here, but there is no way around it.

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These animals are because of their noble and courageous nature were commonly used in heraldry in that time period. Just like Zacian, Zamazenta is created from legends of old and might potentially be King Arthur’s shield Wynebgrthucher or otherwise known and chrome update more straightforward to pronounce Pridwen. Another theory is that it’s not his shield, but the Knights of the Round Table itself, as this is where King Arthur entrusted knights sat and worked under to protect the British realm. With being legendary, Pokémon comes with an array of perks, of course, as well as being two of the strongest Pokémon in the entire game, with Eternatus being among them.

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It doesn’t have legs or functioning arms, just a blue-gray trapezoid with a huge nose, an ugly hat, a big ‘ol mustache and two creepy eyes staring at you. 10-year-olds with a Deviantart account could literally design a Pokémon better than this.

That was something truly unique to Mew, which really intrigued the scientists. If there is any actual behind the scenes truth to either theory, Lucario wouldn’t fit the bill as Lucario wasn’t around for the first generation when Mew, Mewtwo, and Ditto were created for the series. King Arthur, more or less, achieved mythological standing and based on that, a few historical reports claim that King Arthur would reappear at Britain’s time of need to save his people when they needed him most. Wolves were once upon a time native to Great Britain, which is odd to think about, and during the Middle Ages, they become a significant symbol to noble families.

The design is boring, the nose is ugly, and it would somehow be even worse without the nose. The franchise would’ve been better off without this nonsense. It breaks our hearts to put this little dude on the list because it had so much potential to be as adorable as it is in all of its fanart. The problem is, in the actual game, the cute part is too small a percentage of the entire Pokémon. If you think evolving it would save its standing, you would be wrong as Ash released the Pidgeot into the wild almost immediately to protect the pidgeys in the area from the nefarious Spearows, vowing to return.


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