5 Tips to Visually Shoot a Cinematic Shot

5 Tips to Visually Shoot a Cinematic Shot

Looking for produce high-quality cinematic images for your film? Here are our five tips to producing a cinematic shot for your next project! If you have watched a number of videos on cinematography and filmmaker, you have more than likely have come across people talking about lighting. In this 5 tip video, we talk about other elements rather than just lighting to produce a cinematic shot. This video is all about what makes a shot great visually. Keep in mind, that a great shot helps tell the story and relates to the content and theme of your project. Even by following our tips, your shot might not be the right style for what you are working on. But, if just from a visual standpoint, this is what you can do to make an interesting shot most of the time.

Some of the gear I use:
BlackMagic Cinema Camera:

Canon L 16-35mm:
Rokinon 50mm:
Rokinon 85mm:


Light Stand:

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