400 Subscriber Lego Stop Motion Contest (OPEN)

400 Subscriber  Lego Stop Motion Contest (OPEN)

Here are the rules:

Theme: Final Stand

Time limit: Must be over 30 seconds, can be as long as you want after that.

Judging Criteria:

Each scored out of 10:

Animation quality

Film Quality (Eg lighting, camera quality, cinematography, all factor into this)

Sound quality (Eg Voice acting, writing, sound design and music all factor into this)

3 judges will score each video, meaning each one will get a score out of 90.

The judges:

Oscar Johnson:

MT Films:


Link your entry down in the comments below when you’ve finished it.

You can update your entry until the deadline, but can only enter 1 video.

Deadlines: Film must not have been made before August 1st, video must be submitted before September 1st, 00:00 BST.

All lego themes are allowed.

Gore and swearing is allowed, but not necessary.

1st place: If they send me a channel trailer for them I’ll post it on my channel and leave it there for 2 weeks. They will also get a shoutout in the results video and linked in the description.

2nd place: Channel trailer stays up for 1 week, they also get a shoutout in results and link in description.

3rd place: Channel trailer for 1 day and shoutout plus link in description.

4th and 5th place: Shoutouts and link in description.