3 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Filmmaker | Filmmaking Tips – part 1

3 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Filmmaker | Filmmaking Tips – part 1

Here is the first video of my new youtube project Filmmaking Tips and this one is about How to make Money as a Freelance Filmmaker.

Filmmaking Tips is a series of tips and honest opinions on everything related to filmmaking and is my way to give back to my audience.

Over the past year I have received quite a few questions in regards to filmmaking and some of them kept coming back.
So what I want to do is turning your most common questions into short videos.

Wether it is about the gear I use, how I shoot or how I make money being a freelance filmmaker.

I want to keep these videos short and straight to the point.
No clickbait, just my honest opinions and insights.

You might be starting out as a freelance filmmaker or be already establish but still need to know something specific.

So feel free to ask any questions you might have, wether its about the Pocket cameras or filmmaking in general or personal work experience.
Just let me know and we can hopefully turn this channel into a resource for filmmakers.

Simple lighting setup used in the video:
Key light :
Backlight :

New Compact Cinema Rig Kit :

Cinematic Travel Filmmaking Kit :
Cinematic Documentary Filmmaking Kit :
Aerial Cinematic Kit :
Vintage Cinematic BMPCC4K Kit :

To license footage go to :