3 Strategies Behind the Best Long Takes

3 Strategies Behind the Best Long Takes

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In today’s video we define long takes, and show you different examples to illustrate how you can enhance setting, plot, and character through the use of a long take.

Then we break down how you can build your own effective long take for your next project.

That way, you can add this technique to your cinematic arsenal for 2019.

Most everyone loves a good long take. They have an undeniable energy that is hard to replicate, and they’ve become the favorite for many modern filmmakers.

Many Oscar-winning films in the last five years have made long takes their visual theme.

Not every long take is created equally, and there are some simple steps you can take before, during, and after you record your own opulent long take.

There are 3 different story elements that you can affect with a long take:

1. Character long takes occur when this cinematic technique puts us in the shoes of a specific character or set of characters in a scene. It doesn’t always have to be our hero, and the main idea is to film your scene so that we feel the emotions that the characters are feeling.

2. Setting long takes occur when we are transported to the physical location in the scene. We need to feel as if we are there, walking through the street, or around the property, or along the beach. Take us on a journey.

3. Plot long takes occur when this cinematic technique places us into the emotional context of the plot in a scene. We need to feel an omniscient sense of connection to a particular chain of events that is leading us toward our eventual narrative destination.

We go even further in the video, so start watching and learn more about long takes today!

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