3 Lighting Effects You Need to Know!

3 Lighting Effects You Need to Know!

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When it comes to practical lighting effects, filmmakers have to sometimes get crafty! We spend a lot of time talking about how to make our lighting look cinematic, but most of the time that simply involves static lights.

In today’s episode of Ask Aputure, Ted from the A-Team teaches us how to animate our light and create some believable practical effects.

You don’t always have to bring a TV onto set, you can simulate the look with a practical light! You don’t always have to light a fire (can you image the fire marshal fees?) – sometimes a few lights are all you need! And of course, you certainly don’t have to bring a police car on your film set; you can simulate police lights with sirens!

Use these creative practical lighting effects in your next shoot to not only save you time and money, but improve your film’s cinematography overall!

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Filmmaker Ted Sim teaches three practical animated lighting effects and how cinematographers can recreate them on set. Lighting effects covered include police car lights, fire, and simulating a television set. Aputure’s YouTube channel provides free high quality cinematography, lighting, and filmmaking educational content to help you take your film projects to the next level.


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