Barbie was my favorite toy in childhood, I have played with it for hours and have spent hours to decorate the house. But this video is full of ideas I haven’t known before. Now I want my Barbie back! These creative ideas are for big girls also. Stop doing anything and watch this amazing video!
Barbie has perfect hair but every girl wants more! Check out hairstyles you can easily make, for example, charming curls for a date. If the hair color of your Barbie looks too boring or you are tired of your blond barbie, use food coloring to change it! It’s a very sad story if the barbie hair has damaged. Don’t worry! Use yarn or macramé and the doll will look perfect again, you can use any color you want
You create a whole wardrobe out of ordinary things like balloons, socks and even play-dos! For example, you can make a perfect swimsuit just in few steps out of a balloon. Grab your scissors and create a perfect swimsuit for a beach party. By the way, you can create a whole collection of swimsuits of different styles and colors!
Do you love princesses? You can make a beautiful dress using play-do. Watch full tutorial in our video. The old sock could be also transformed into a dress and don’t forget to use a plastic bottle. If you need new shoes for your doll, use a hot glue gun to create brand new heels! Make your Barbie doll the queen of the runway!
I always wanted a swimming pool for my doll but it was too expensive. You already have a swimsuit for your Barbie and it’s time to make a cool swimming pool for your dolls. Your doll needs a place to show her stylish swimsuit. Reuse plastic bottle to make a cute beach bag for your doll. Use toothpaste to clean your barbie from the marker.

00:09 Macramé hairstyle
00:50 How to dye Barbie doll hair
01:26 Fast way to clean your Barbie
03:28 Curly hair
05:24 Barbie swimsuit
09:50 Pool party for your Barbie

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2:26 Evening gown idea
5:25 Swimsuit from a balloon
7:21 Play-doh gown

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