🔥 Learn How to Weld Basic TIG Welding Practice Techniques with EricTheCarGuy | TIG Time

🔥 Learn How to Weld Basic TIG Welding Practice Techniques with EricTheCarGuy | TIG Time

What you will see in this episode:
Once again, Wyatt is joined by Eric The Car Guy to learn how to use his new Everlast PowerTIG 185 Micro. In the first episode with Eric, Basic TIG Welding Inverter Setup (Everlast PowerTIG 185, ( you learned the basics of welding and of the machine. Now that you are familiar with the basics, Wyatt is going to demonstrate how to weld bead on plate and basic butt welds without filler material.

The Setup:
To see a full video introduction on how to set up to practice these welds visit

The Welding:
This episode shows you how to weld as a beginner and get started into becoming a welder. For newbies, PRACTICE is the most important part. Wyatt demonstrates stringer passes and emphasizes that you should do hundreds of these (just to get comfortable manipulating the torch). Once he shows the basic technique of a stringer pass, you will be shown how to do a basic butt weld without the use of filler material. Again, you should do as many of these as possible on scrap materials before you move to actual welding projects.

Equipment List:
For a list of equipment used in this video and where you can find it, visit:

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